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In 2022, the UK Government published their Energy Security Strategy, announcing that they intend to accelerate and increase solar power capacity by up to fivefold from 14GW to 70GW by 2035. If achieved, this will mean the UK has a 100% renewable energy grid by 2035.

Byers Gill Solar consists of a solar farm capable of generating enough energy to power over 70,000 homes, representing a significant step towards local and national goals of reaching net zero, energy security and reducing our impact on the climate.

The solar farm would be spread across neighbouring sites between Darlington and Stockton-on-Tees in north-east England and would include solar panels and the supporting infrastructure needed for power generation, as well as safety and security measures.

Other key features of the scheme are mitigation and enhancement measures for the natural environment. These measures would ensure any negative impact on existing habitats and biodiversity is limited, with improvements provided to help nature thrive on the site. New habitats and landscaping would also be created, leading to an overall increase in biodiversity and ecological networks across the site. As well as contributing to the UK’s net zero goals, Byers Gill Solar would also contribute to creating a better natural environment in the local area. 

You can still contact the Byers Gill Solar team by email: enquiries@byersgillsolar.com.

The consultation materials, including the Consultation Booklet, and further information such as detailed maps and plans and our Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) can be found on the Documents page of the consultation website, here: https://www.byersgillsolarfarm.co.uk/

The consultation ran from Friday 5 May and closed on 16 June 2023. The webform has been re-opened for use by those who have received a subsoil consultation request dated Thursday 9 November 2023.



Early engagement with select stakeholders



Launch public consultation with wider community

Autumn – Winter


Preparation of Development Consent Order application



Submission of Development Consent Order (DCO) application



Decision made on DCO application

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